FAQ about Acupuncture and Plant Spirit Medicine

Can acupuncture or plant spirit medicine help me?

Most people feel better with treatment. More often than not, people’s symptoms either go away, or they diminish to the point that they are no longer bothersome. Treatment is a powerful process which can be made more powerful by your participation. It is a partnership between practitioner and client, one of many key factors that make it particularly effective, engaging, and successful.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends on the person. Each individual responds differently. In general, the longer you have had your symptoms, and the more severe they have been, the longer treatment can take. It is optimal to consider getting 6-8 sessions. Treatments start out weekly, and then space out further and further apart. It is important to understand that each treatment is designed to build upon the next; it is a specific process of clearing, evening out, and then optimizing your particular constitution. Much like constructing a house, you clear the land, make sure that the ground is level in order to lay a strong foundation, and then build up in the correct order from there. 

Will insurance cover my treatment?

While I don’t typically work directly with insurance companies, I can provide you with receipts for reimbursement should that be possible with your insurance plan.

FAQ about Coaching

How many sessions do I need?

The length of time in a coaching relationship is as varied as the goals one has for oneself. But typically a three month window is a great first benchmark.

How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?

Coaching is more focused on actions and objectives to create a new blueprint for your best life, rather than family of origin explorations where an emphasis is often placed on the past as a way forward. They compliment each other nicely. 


Acupuncture:                   Initial Visit..................$150.00

                                         Follow-up visit..........$  100.00

Plant Spirit Medicine:      Initial Visit...................$150.00

                                         Follow-up visit...........$  100.00

Coaching:                        Session.....................$150.00

Spirit/Animal Journey:     Session......................$150.00