As a life coach Pam has been a key catalyst for me in both entrepreneurial and personal ventures. With her unparalleled support I have successfully completed my first book while simultaneously launching two prosperous businesses. I am immensely appreciative of Pam's skills and qualities of listening, thinking, and helping to distill my thoughts into action. I could not have done all this without Pam's coaching.

Megan Griswold

I’ve had the great good fortune to be treated by Pam for a long time now, and over the course of this journey I have come to know and live a level of well-being that I truly did not know existed when I walked into her office that first time many years ago.

Physically, Pam has helped me overcome pneumonia, low energy and fatigue, anxiety, menopausal hot flashes and sleeplessness, a knee injury, and a shoulder injury. Little did I know, that as she was helping me with these issues, she was also simultaneously, little by little, healing my emotions, my mind, and most importantly, my spirit. I feel better today than I ever have, and continue to see her every few months--both to keep me feeling my best, and to see what new surprises might reveal themselves!

Be assured that Pam--with her gentle and lively personality, and with her deep understanding, refined skill, and long experience in the practice of this ancient healing art of acupuncture--will happily meet and accept you exactly as you are, treat your illnesses, get you feeling better, AND help you move forward towards your very own best, healthy, vital, and loving self.
Judy Mazarin
Business Analyst

Pam DeVore is one of the best acupuncturists I have been to. She combines classical 5 element acupuncture with other natural methods to provide a simple but powerful treatment. Pam has helped me with excessive stress, muscle pain, and emotional imbalance. Every time I receive a session I can tell within a couple of days that my body and mind has responded and it is always positive! After my most recent session I felt a level of calm and groundedness that I haven't felt in over a year. Pam listens deeply and takes her time with you to address your complaints.
If you want a powerful ally for your health care and illness prevention I strongly recommend visiting Pam DeVore.

Jillian Thompson
Occupational Therapist

After practicing yoga for years, I began to experience some joint pain. I backed off from my yoga practice and spoke with my massage therapist. She suggested I consult with Pam DeVore for acupuncture. As we began working together, and as Pam became familiar with my health issues: joint pain, low energy and food-related sensitivities, (many of which occurred after a bout with West Nile Virus years ago), Pam suggested Plant Spirit Medicine.  After several months of working with Pam, I am healthier, have more energy, and feel brighter than I have in a long time. I am no longer taking any nutritional supplements.  In fact, I am surprised at the degree of energy and vitality I have had this winter – winter is historically a sluggish time of year for me.  
I have seen many different healing practitioners over the years, and I find Pam to be unique in the depth of her capacity to listen, to consider the whole picture of healing, and to offer suggestions from paradigms different from any I’ve encountered before. Pam has a very special and deep connection to diverse healing traditions.  For example, I have taken to heart and benefited from her insights and resources about dealing with conflict.  Pam can hone in on subtle but powerful issues; she offers insights and suggestions in kind and even playful ways. I think Pam is a very special, tuned in, gifted, and skilled practitioner.

Peggy Short, Ph.D., D.Min.
Former Professor
Small Business Owner
Fort Collins, CO

Pam is the acupuncturists' Acupuncturist. As a Licensed Acupuncturist myself, I can say that Pam's expertise in the Worsley Tradition (Classical Five Element Acupuncture) is unparalleled in Northern Colorado. Her manner is welcoming and professional. And her treatments are efficient and effective.  I highly recommend Pam. She's been a great help to me. You won't go wrong by receiving acupuncture from her.
Terry Fox L. Ac.
2015 Best Colorado Acupuncturist by ‘The Experience Pros Radio Show’- I help Professional Women look younger

Since starting acupuncture treatment with Pam I’ve been able to go off several medications, including medications to treat side effects of other medications prescribed to me.

I have tons more energy! I used to take regular naps just to make it through the day. I no longer feel like I need a nap.

Additionally, my asthma has improved since I started treatment and I no longer suffer from chronic acid reflux as a side effect of my asthma medication.

I suffered for years being put on medication after medication after medication to control my asthma symptoms. With acupuncture treatment from Pam I am breathing easier, have more energy, and am enjoying life without side effects of all those medications!
Chrysta Bairre
Career Coach, Writer, and Speaker

The acupuncture treatments I had from Pam were nothing short of WONDERFUL!  She is not only a skilled practitioner, she's also a sensitive and deeply caring person.  I was transformed by the treatments I received from her--they supported me at the core of my being, and left me feeling deeply well.  Thank you Pam! People who have the good fortune of working with you are in great hands.
Tom Kirby
Fort Collins, CO