Plant Spirit Medicine
For those who prefer plants over needles

Do you want acupuncture but, for whatever reason, prefer not to have needles? 

Would you like to feel more relaxed, centered, and energized simultaneously in a healthy and sustainable way? Do you want to feel better in yourself, get out of pain, and strap on a power pack for a spiritual boost?

Plant Spirit Medicine might be the perfect style of treatment for you. Plant Spirit Medicine treats anything that Classical Five Element Acupuncture treats but with plants instead of needles.

The conditions that Plant Spirit Medicine can address are vast. Below is an incomplete list of some common conditionsI treat. 

  • back/neck pain 
  • joint pain 
  • stress
  • digestive disorders
  • auto-immune diseases
  • low energy
  • headaches/migraines
  • high blood pressure
  • depression
  • anxiety 
  • insomnia
  • lack of clarity
  • decreased vitality

Treatment can greatly diminish or completely eliminate your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual symptoms. Plant Spirit Medicine is a gentle, safe, painless, and powerful technique that is both non-invasive and supportive. It does not interfere with any herbs, supplements, medications, or medical treatments that you are taking. It is excellent for children, the elderly, those with ambulatory challenges, neuropathy, or those on blood thinners.

Plant Spirit Medicine helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin, more engaged in the world, and clearer in your relationships. If you would like help mustering your motivation to move, coaxing your creativity out of the corner, or claiming your right to rejuvenate your life then call me for a complementary 15 minute consultation to see if Plant Spirit Medicine is for you.

Plants have an astonishing amount of valuable benefits to offer. Just as they help nourish, uplift, beautify, protect, cleanse,
and heal our bodies and our earth, they also nourish, uplift, beautify, protect, cleanse, and heal our mind and spirit.
-Pam DeVore